Villa a Protiro

It is the richest site in mosaics, from the iconic one of the peltas to the one recently identified with
the wrestlers. But it is above all one luxurious villa that was originally set between the sea and the
lacus baianus, in contact with the canal that connected them.
We can therefore see the large porticoed garden that gave light to the many rooms, some
decorated with marble flooring, but also the shops that opened onto the road that led to the
entrance of the villa, shaped like a "porch", which is with two columns and a small tympanum that
framed the entrance door.
There is also a small thermal plant here, to which the mosaic of the wrestlers belonged, but we
can also discover another of the riches of Baia, in addition to the thermalism, that is the breeding
of fish: in fact, some circular tanks, the fish ponds, are preserved. where sea water could enter
and at the same time fish for the guests of the villa.