Ninfeo Sommerso

It is the most famous and most visited site, located at the top of the Punta dell’Epitaffio
promontory. A position certainly not accidental, chosen by the emperors to cheer their most
prestigious guests: the main room is in fact a large banquet hall, reachable directly by sea: once
you got off the small boat you could dine lying on comfortable beds, surrounded by the waters
and numerous statues. Many of these were found during excavations and are now visible in
copies that have been repositioned where they were originally. On the back niche you can see
Ulysses and Baios offering a cup of wine to Polyphemus, whose lost statue was supposed to fill
the center of the scene, majestically.
But in this sector of zone A there are many environments that can be seen at a depth of four
meters: from the main road that crossed Baia, Via Herculanea, to the shops that overlooked it, but
also two small spas, embellished with floors in marble.